Course 3 Detailed Summary

The Solution: Identifying and helping students with BVD
This course provides educators a foundational understanding of the solutions to BVD and the ways in which BVD can be addressed in the classroom.
This course provides educators with the knowledge needed to get their students that may have BVD help and potentially assist their students in permanently correcting this issue. Educators will be educated on the course of action that should be taken with any students that show symptoms of BVD in the classroom. The course of action discussed in this course will include encouraging students to get an eye exam with an optometrist that is trained on BVD and can correctly diagnose BVD. Once students receive this diagnosis they will be able to receive help through glasses that can immediately provide relief from BVD symptoms. Additionally, educators will be informed of the many ways that these detailed eye exams, glasses, and visual therapy with an occupational therapists can provide students complete relief from BVD and provide students the opportunity to excel in school in a way that was never possible before.
This course will be taught using PowerPoint-enhanced instruction, notes pages, articles that will be reviewed amongst participants, and discussion amongst participants pertaining to Binocular Vision Dysfunction, its effects on students, and the solutions that can be implemented for these students. This course makes use of direct instruction, reflective learning, and collaborative learning as educators are informed of the course of action required to provide relief from BVD and engage in open discussion regarding these solutions and the ways in which these solutions can be encouraged in the classroom.
            Learn how to recognize BVD in the classroom and get students help to change their lives.
            This course provides the following credits:

2 Hours Credit

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