Course 2 Detailed Summary

The Problem: Symptoms of BVD – BVD the Epidemic you don’t know about

This course provides educators a foundational understanding of the symptoms related to BVD and how to recognize these symptoms in their students and classrooms.

This course provides further details relating to the symptoms associated with BVD, including, but not limited to carsickness, slow readers, dizziness, slow note takers, disinterest in school, and disruptive behaviors. Educators will be made aware of how to recognize these symptoms in their students and provide their students with help related to BVD. There will be further discussion amongst educators regarding the commonality of BVD, the symptoms that relate to BVD, and the ways in which they can raise awareness of this phenomena to their students that struggle with this issue.

This course will be taught using PowerPoint-enhanced instruction, notes pages, articles that will be reviewed amongst participants, and discussion amongst participants pertaining to Binocular Vision Dysfunction and its effects on students. This course makes use of direct instruction, reflective learning, and collaborative learning as educators are informed of the symptoms associated with BVD and engage in open discussion regarding these symptoms and the ways in which these symptoms can be recognized and addressed in the classroom.

            Learn how to recognize BVD symptoms in the classroom and get students help.
            This course provides the following credits:

2 Hours Credit
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